CPU useage 100% on certain Youtube pages

What would cause my Athlon 64 3000 cpu (single core) to to go too 100% usage when i go to a Youtube channel page, that lists the videos a particular user has uploaded, AND I SCROLL DOWN.

The scroll action hangs and then jumps down even though smooth scrolling is enabled.

The list of videos on these pages consists of thumbnails.

I've notice that the pages that have a background image seem much more prone to this. In other words if the user has not added a background image to his page (i.e. the page background is just a uniform color with no image) the cpu usage does not go to 100% as much.

NOTE - that this only happens when i scroll using Firefox.
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  1. I had the same problem in IE when i moved to Windows 7 with my current computer. I upgraded as far as my computer would take (A Dell e510) which wasnt much but now i am getting full 1080p glory with smooth FPS!! Surfing the site was glitchy as well and now it works like a charm haha. I tihnk it might have with the fact that youtube is Flash based so it will take up a ton of CPU power....

    My Old Rig (Upgraded Without CPU)
    Windows 7 HP
    Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
    3GB RAM
    XFX Geforce 9600GT
    1TB Total Storage
    500Watt PSU

    Windows 7 HP
    Intel Pentium D 945 3.4GHZ (Dual Core)
    3GB RAM
    XFX Geforce 9600GT
    1TB Total Storage
    500Watt PSU

    Hope i help somewhat :).
  2. Thanks gid. Actually my computer handles the Youtube website very well except for this particular instance i have described. It plays the videos well and i have no problem performing any other function considering my ancient CPU.

    It's on a MSI K8 motherboard with 750 megs of memory . I built the thing 5 years ago from Tiger Direct parts and the video board is real sub par with only 32 megs of memory. Still it plays most videos very well with only about 25% CPU usage when they are playing. Oh yeah I'm still running XP pro.
  3. packer 9876 said:
    750 megs of memory

    That would be one of your problems :). Try to upgrade that to AT LEAST 1GB. If not two, even running XP, you will see a huge perfomance increase across the board and on youtube if you go 1.5GB to 2GB... That acually might help your problem...

    Haha i know you prolly don't want to hear this, but you might want to consider upgrading (Like the whole rig :lol:... :) Just throwing that out there :lol:.

    You could also try a re-install of Firefox, and if your running their beta, that would explain why...

    Just looked that you had a small Graphics... That also could be the culprit...
  4. Thanks again gid.

    Yeah i know i need to upgrade. I was just wondering if there was some tweeking i could do but probably not. My system is ancient in all the areas you listed. I have see a really good combo package on newegg for 234 dollars too. Case, amd quad core, Asus motherboard with memory. I already have the hard drive.

    So i'd get a decent upgrade for a low price. Doesn't make any sense to put one penny into this old rig when i can get that.
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