Wierd noise?

I have a strange question, I am hearing a buzzing noise inside my pc while scrolling only on certain pages, Its faint while typing as well? Also when I move the mouse around. I also get a loud screech when running a baenchmark for video/direct x 3d using pc wizard 2010. Any suggestions on this?
My PC:
cpu Phenom IIx4 965
mobo ta790gx a+3 5.x
mem crucial ballistix 8gb(4x2gb) pc3 12800 1600mhz
hd samsung spinpoint 500 gb 7200 rpm sata 2
gpu Sapphire hd 5870 1gb
PSU xfx 650x modular
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  1. Open your case and make sure nothing is rubbing against any of your fans (CPU, GPU, case, etc.).
  2. already took care of that, I just installed the gpu last night and it started making noise then I installed the new psu today.
  3. Sounds like the PSU has an issue then. Could be something inside the PSU or protruding into it, by mistake, or a wire vibrating against it, etc.
  4. It made the noise before I put the psu in. But the high pitch screech during the benchmark has got me.
  5. Ah, I misread your previous post. Sorry. If you remove the case and run the benchmark, can you pinpoint the sound?
  6. ok the scrolling/typing noise sounds like the hard drive, but the screeching noise I can't tell were its coming from. The screeching is a lot louder and like I said b4 it only happens during that exact benchmark test? Mainly buring the billboarding test, like flying though scenery. Its a wooded scenery. (and the 5870 makes it look beautiful I might add)
  7. So, when the system is stressed and running at its hardest, the sound is generated. Only 3 things really get that hot, the CPU/HSF, GPU, and PSU. Are you running hwmonitor? Need to figure out which is the problem. Hwmonitor might help.
  8. I just installed resident evil 5 and while playing its definatley the hard drive making this noise, If this helps u help me what could it be?
  9. and yes i'm running hardware monitor, nothing gets over 40 c
  10. I would recommend a backup, immediately, if possible and start thinking about a new HDD. HDDs should be relatively quiet, something strange is almost always bad when it comes to fast spinning objects (like the guts of the HDD).
  11. By the way, probably coincidental with the recent changes you have made. But not likely caused by any of them. HDDs break.
  12. Turns out it was the 5870! Coil whine.
  13. Wow! How hot was it getting? I have a 5850 that is darn near silent, even under max load. Glad you tracked down the source. BTW, how is your overall airflow?
  14. It never got over like 67c air moves nicely!
  15. Odd, used and been around many 5870s and 5850s and none make the noise you are experiencing. Can you RMA that card?
  16. Already did there sending a replacement so it was broke!
  17. Good for you! Hope round 2 goes better for you.
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