Gtx 470 idle temps high with multi pic background

I've been trying to figure out why my idle clocks on my GTX 470 wouldn't clock down to the 50.6/67.5/101.0. I have always had a slide show desktop background since I installed windows 7. Never thought this would make a difference on the GPU but when I changed the desktop background to no slide show, the clocks finally went down. Has anyone else had similar issues? Or does no one care for the slide show background under windows 7.

I think it might be the increased use of memory and the operations to transition from one pic to another force the card into the next power envelope.

Not much of a problem for me though. Just curious if this is to be expected from these drivers.
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  1. Probably the same way in which dual screen doesnt let the card drop into 2D clocks, anything that requires more GPU power than normal will tend to bump it up from 2D clocks which makes it a bit hotter but idle temps dont matter too much as long as load temps are still good.
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