Gigabyte X58A-UD3R USB Mass Storage Device 'can't start - code 10'

I built a computer using Intel I7-970 with a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R board, and everything sort of seems
to be working fine. I installed Windows 7 64-bit, and Adobe Software CS5, and am able to use
Premiere Pro, even.

But I've gotten a couple odd behaviors that led me to Device Manager where I found a big
yellow exclamation point over USB Mass Storage Device, under the Universal Serial Bus controllers.

When I click on Properties, it says 'This device cannot start (Code 10)'

I have 3 2-TByte drives internally, and they all seem to be working, although I'm unable to
create an Image backup of my main drive using Windows 7. I can't remember the error,
but it works for a couple hours and then says it can't finish. Not a huge problem, as I can
back up my files other ways, but I am now wondering if there is something significant wrong
with my motherboard.

I have tried to update the driver for the USB Mass Storage Device, but Windows reports that
it is already updated. The file in question is USBSTOR.SYS which has a date of 06/21/2006,
which really doesn't seem all that 'up-to-date' to me.

Should I just ignore this problem as the system seems to be working most of the time?

Also, it takes a long time to boot, something that I've identified in past computers as having something
to do with device conflicts. And each time I boot, I get a message asking if I want to let Gigabyte write
to my hard drive... I don't think that should be happening either.

I don't want to replace the motherboard, as I am lucky as hell that the thing works at all! Any ideas
and/or advice for handling this USB issue would be greately appreciated.


Tom Read
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  1. Try downloading the USB driver from the Gigabyte download site for the UD3R motherboard:

    Device drivers for hardware are best obained from the hardware manufacturer (exception video cards). Don't rely on Windows for your hardware updates.

    Go to the download site corresponding to the rev level of your motherboard. Download the latest USB drivers and install them.

    Also, while you're there, you can get the latest BIOS and update it.

    Having the latest BIOS can work miracles.
  2. Hi,
    I went to the Gigabyte site and downloaded the latest USB drivers and the chipset drivers. The Exclamation! point is still there, and it still says it can't start.

    My hard drives seem to be working, so the 'Mass Storage' aspect of my computer seems to work. Also, I've been able to plug in USB Drives to USB ports and read and write to them.

    Is it possible to disable this USB Mass Storage device in BIOS? How does it affect things? How can the Drives work if the Mass Storage Device doesn't start?


    Thanks for your reply, by the way.
  3. If your USB are shorted then the {! or ?} can occur. Therefore, shutdown and disconnect, unplug @ MOBO, the USB headers and restart. If the problem corrects itself then you'll confirm that problem.

    If the {? or !} are still present then open the Device Manager [+] expand the Universal Serial Bus, right-click and minimum the affected item(s) and select uninstall and either restart or Scan for new hardware; if you do then ALL and have a USB mouse you'll need to use the power button to force a restart.

    Similarly, you 'can' disable but if you have a shorted/defective device it's unwise to leave it connected. Most 'Mass Storage' are: All in one Readers, Flash Drives, USB HDD, etc. Therefore, as I mentioned disconnect them until you have a 'clear' Device Manager. In addition, for example if you have a USB Device then 'that' device's driver(s) may need to be updated.

    Find the problem...

    Good Luck! :)

  4. Thanks for the information. Now I need to ask, first of all, how do I figure out which usb is being used, and/or if I'm using it. If I'm not, which apparently I'm not since none of my hard drives is usb at this point, then wouldn't it be best to just switch it out somehow? I'd need to be able to figure out which one it is, either by address to switch it out (if possible) in the BIOS, or disconnect whatever cabling it going to it on the MOBO.

    Does that make sense at all? I've not had this kind of problem before.

    - Tom Read
  5. Well the NEC are all the 'blue' USB 3.0 ports, and after that it gets tricky to figure-out what USB Host controls what USB ports. The only sure way is to connected a 'USB device' then in the Device Manager 'Disable' each Host. Your case USB ports also need to be taken into account -- this is were most USB problems occur.

    I'm certain there's a 'USB Probe' application that can do the same. I tend to find the simplest method.

    A screen shot of your {? or !} devices might be helpful. Also, what can happen is Windows misidentifies a 'Device' incorrectly so you can go around chasing ghosts.
  6. I give up. Still, the thing seems to work okay except for the occasional weird problem. I guess I had that with my older computer running XP. Completely amazing that these things work at all, really.
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