Gtx 480 and gtx 260 power supply wattage needed?

Hey I've been thinking about buying a gtx 480 and using my gtx 260 to run physx but i dont how much power do i need to run both of these?
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  1. I'd say 700W just to be safe. The GTX 480 does consume a lot of power, possibly an 800W PSU might be needed if you have an o/c i7 for example.
  2. A GTX480 uses as much energy as a GTX295. I suspect a GTX480 + GTX260 uses as much energy as 3x GTX260s.

    1 GTX480 and a system uses ~506 watts at load.

    A GTX260 adds about another 150watt at load.

    So I would say go for a quality 800watt PSU and a 850+watt PSU if you want to overclock.
  3. Yes, you will need a huge amount of power from PSU to run those cards... :)
    Agree, 800W of quality PSU will suffice.
  4. Get a quality 850w PSU for safe side.
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