5770 cf on 500w psu

Ok so i know that every states you need like 550w min quality power supply but i dont have enough money to get a new psu atm. I currenty have a 'generic' cooler master psu. The 12v rails are rated at 360w and 20A, could i run 5770 CF on this? or should i wait and get new PSU aswell.

My speccs
Athlon x4 620
asus MAA770TD Pro
Saphire 5770
PSU Cooler Master - RS 500 PCAR J3
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  1. You will need a new PSU to run Crossfire. Your power supply won't handle two 5770's. It just isn't powerful enough. :( You will need to wait till you can purchase a new PSU.
  2. OK thanks, I got a 600w PSU any way

  3. Hi Sbinney you would have been fine with a 550 watt psu running one of those cards with your setup you draw would probally be around 520 watts or so. but anyways you sorted. =)
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