Two different 5770 Vapor-x cards?

Hi there.

I'm planning to buy a 5770 Vapor-X card. But, I've seen two different cards... :heink:

One with black PCB and the other with a blue PCB:

(I found this picture in another forum, but the guy didn't know the differences too)

What's the difference between them?

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    Left is the reference design, same as every other reference 5770, except that it uses the Vapor-X cooler. Right is a custom PCB design made by Sapphire, probably using the "Black Diamond Chokes" etc that Sapphire is known to use on their own board designs, usually meaning it is a better quality card (though some have turned out to be worse than the reference cards).

    As of now, it's unlikely that you'll be able to find the one on the left, since those are usually only released until they can get a new PCB design settle on.
  2. Ahh now I understand.
    Thanks for the answers! :D
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