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heres a link to my rough draft new build idea i posted it on hardware canucks first so ill just give you a link to it you can reply on this or the other forum dosnt matter to me.

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  1. don't bother yourself with the 1000 watts, 850 will more than cover it.
  2. If you have no plans to crossfire, than you can get by with a lot less.
  3. also, It would be much preferable and you would get more replies if you posted according to the guidelines in the how to ask for help sticky
  4. my bad


    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: games (wow/ffxiv - crysis) also schoolwork

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse,

    PREFERRED WEBSITE: newegg or bestbuy


    OVERCLOCKING: Yes --- SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe but i try to stick to single cards

    MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080 or better

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: stay under 3 grand but the best hardware possible its got to last 2 years ill build another after i graduate and settle my life.
  5. any ppl use one of those 2 monitors for gaming?? or have advice on the mobo options?

    thanks for the info on the psu saves me a few bucks.
  6. 850w is fine (dont know bout crossfire with those cards though)i like the plugs on the st -p power supplys the best (y the da cost more idk) they have 8/6pin so only one wire goes to each card the da has dual 6 pins (ugh)

    i see a lot more rigs with the asus screans than the samsung well at least between the ones you posted.

    the boards well the 5 and 7 are almost the same the 7 has water cooling or air with silent pipe you dont need either for a stock rig but the pipe comes free so might as well. the 7 has alternating power designs uses one set for a wile then uses the other set.

    wether one is easyer / better to overclock on idk.
  7. Trust me, 850 will cover crossfire on 5970's, and would be super overkill for only one, but if you are concerned about energy efficiency, PSU's tend to be more efficient in between to halfway and 80% of their maximum output.
  8. i put in a revision on the link in my original post what do ya think, better??

    what could i change to make it better, in anything?
  9. It woulda been easier if you just copy and pasted that here, like so

    CPU - i7 930.....$290

    HSF - noctua nh d-14.....$90

    MOBO - x58a-ud5.....$290

    RAM - g skill ripjaws 6gb (3x2gb) 1600.....$155

    HDD - (2) ocz vertex 2 60g in raid 0 or 1 ocz 120g.....$170 for 60gb (raid 0 = $340) or $330 for single 120gb

    with a single samsung spinpoint f3 1tb 7200rpm for storage.....$75

    GPU - 5970.....$700

    PSU - ST85F-P 850w 100% modular.....$140

    CASE - cooler master HAF X.....$200

    monitors - 3 asus vw246h (single card eyefinity FTW).....$219ea (3 is a wish but might only get 1)

    adds...2nd 200mm top fan for case, tuniq tx-3 thermal compound, windows 7, lite on 24x cd-dvd burner

    grand total - $2697 grand total with only 1 monitor $3137 with 2
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