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As I'm in a game the frames run at 100 fps but every 3 or 4 seconds the video stalls and seems like it just doesn't render the frames for a second. Ive tried reinstalling the drivers many times and switching gpus with no success. This is a brand new computer and i wouldnt think id be having this problem, Can anyone help me with my problem? Please and Thanks.

I have a...

9800gt(ive also tried a 9800gtx and a 8400gs with the same problem)
q8300 2.5 quad
gigabyte ep45-ud3l
2 gb of ram
430 watt psu
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  1. What version of 9800GT? the one with 6pin power connector?
    What is your PSU? brand? model?

    Have you tried to re-install the game?
  2. Yeah that may be a game issue. What game are you running, what resolution, what settings?

    Also, what wa1 said.
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