Lost on direction

Hello All,

New to forums, but have found this website to be very useful.

I am a gamer.. thats it and thats all this rig is for.. My current setup im having major issues and have decided to blame my mobo and cpu and questioning my hard drives.
and maybe my video card.

Short story. I cannot play ANY games atm or in its state, the game will load up fine start playing and then graphics get all distorted and normally cannot see whats going on.. I can still hear the game working but graphics are a mess.. temps are good and are no higher then 60c so I thought must be my video card. bought a new one.. worked a little better then started getting the graphic distortions again. Was running XP.. thought well .. lets just wipe this baby and upgrade to Windows 7 64bit. That went well. then i started getting pop ups something about display adapter kennel stopped responding. and a few Blue windows.. one said USB_Driver something or other and the other one Driver_IROL _ not less or equal. and this was on a freash install and only installing updated drivers. Worked better in XP so i went and loaded XP back up..

So thinking about full replacement and going to Socket 1366 and just upgrading unless someone hear can point me in the right direction.

My current system specs are in my profile if they dont show up here. Thought I had a good amount of knowledge on my system and comps but now this is making me doubt what I know and what direction to take. any Help would be great
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  1. Download driversweeper and install
    Go to add/remove and lose all your Nvidia files
    Start in safemode
    Open driversweeper
    Check off nvidia graphics
    Click purge
    Restart normal
    install appropriate Nvidia drivers for your os
  2. Thanks for the fast response .. been there and done that.. same results
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