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I have been looking a lot but can't really seem to find any hard date outside posts from like 2006 (I would imagine technology in this area has improved some since then).

I am looking to get rid of my current 23 inch Gateway® FHD2302, to get a HDTV I can double as monitor/TV. The only real requirements I have seen in one from the old posts I came across (googling mind you)is they say 1080p is native 1920x1080 resolution would be best. My budget would be no more then $500 (no including tax and or possible shipping) and 32 inch would be as large as I Wanna go.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a monitor fitting some of those descriptions? I run a Radeon 5850, AMD Athlon BE 965, 4 gigs of ram, 1 tera-byte drive, gigabyte crossfire board 650w supply, so there will be no issue with resolution in gaming or anything ( I play wide variety of games, Splinter Cell, RE5, ME2 etc. as of recent)

Just looking for anyone who may have a setup similar to what im looking for. PC gaming, movie watching, maybe PS3 down the line, but largely for PC/Movies.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Ok so, after continued looking, maybe someone could ok this? I found 2, same models, slightly diff specs

    LG 32LD550

    LG 32LD520

    The only difference I can tell between the 2 is the wireless internet thing and like 1 extra HDMI input and USB... but would that even be worth getting since it will be connected to my PC? So would the cheaper LD520 would better bet of the 2 for me?

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. of course you want this monitor for a long term, right?
    So i guess the first option are better... :)
  3. Just wondering, how would these monitors against a computer LCD monitor? I currently have a Samsung 27" P2770H, 2ms response time. Would upgrading to one of these monitors be worth it? Would there be any noticeable lag? Would it be able to give the "live" effect for sports and movies, which I don't think my monitor can do.
  4. cu2cool:
    I think you already has a great monitor there... :)
    No need to upgrade a bigger monitor.
  5. Yea, I think it's probably a good monitor as well. In regards to the 120Hz "live" effect. Is there any way to acheive this on my monitor while watching sports or blu-rays?
  6. Is the resolution 1920x1080 enough when using such large screens? For TV, they're definitely fine, but when using as a monitor to read text etc., wouldn't the pixels appear too big? How is your experience with it?

    How does text look on a 27" with that resolution?
  7. 27" as PC monitor is still acceptable, but 32" as PC monitor would be too big, you must sit a little far away from the monitor... :)
    Well, let's hear cu2cool 27" monitor experience...
  8. Sitting further away is only necessary if you have large but low resolution monitors like 1080p. For large format displays like 2560*1600 you can be as close as a 24" monitor and everything looks just as sharp.
  9. I've recently upgraded from a 24" Westinghouse to my current 27" Samsung. Still wondering how a 32" would look. I am running Win7 and have the test size setting at 150%, which I believe is currently 144 DPI. It made it a easier to read text when I had my 24" monitor, but now with the extra screen size, it's a little more clear. I am sitting about 2.5 feet from the monitor, and have no problem reading text. I do have to zoom in on web sites to enlarge the text most of the time. Overall, no problem reading on a 27".

    Looking at a chart I found online, it says you have to be at least 3 feet from a 32" monitor to see it clearly. Compared to a 27", I don't think it would be a problem using as a computer monitor either. After days of researching this online, I may just have to go out, buy a 32" 120Hz HDTV, and see for myself.

    I just really want the "live" look that I have only seen on 120Hz monitors, even though they aren't "true" 120Hz. I only need 1080p resolution.
  10. well, about live 120Hz, i can't say anything, cause i have no knowledge about it neither...
  11. If it uses an HDMI cable, which im sure al TVs use. It isn't going to accept a 120hz signal from the graphics card.
  12. Well, I bought it and I have to say, once to make a setting or two proper, it looks great. Went with the LG 32LD550, great for movies, games, surfing web. Text is very clear and visible and if its to bright has many settings to adjust the brightness with picture types.
  13. okay, it's nice since you are happy about it's performance... :D
  14. snocker said:
    Well, I bought it and I have to say, once to make a setting or two proper, it looks great. Went with the LG 32LD550, great for movies, games, surfing web. Text is very clear and visible and if its to bright has many settings to adjust the brightness with picture types.

    hey snocker, how do you like the monitor? any complaints about the response time? loving the 120hz look?
  15. Oh its very nice. I must admit, it actually takes time to get used to when watching movies on the 120hz, the people look abnormally vibrant (probably cause I mainly use old tube tvs for decades) refresh rate is great, PS3 games, pc games, movies, all look quite amazing.
  16. Do you find 32" to be too large? I've been considering purchasing a 32"...but I've read a few posts that people are saying they have to sit a few feet 32" too large for a desk solution? I've been flip-flopping between 32" and 26"...

    I also have an xbox 360 and wii...which is why I've been considering purchasing an hdtv to connect all three devices, pc, xbox, and wii....and having 32" would be nice for split-screen multiplayer and such...however the furthest away I'd ever be from the screen is maybe 4-6 feet...I have a small living room in my apartment. lol

    So, back to my 32" too large? Do you find you have to sit back to read web pages and such?
  17. I run a dell 30 inch at 2560x1600, it's crystal clear at any distance. I'd imagine if you bumped the res down to 19x10 it would, obviously be a fair bit worse but still decent and good for any purpose save photo editing. At 1280x800, the other native res, the monitor is terrible for reading.

    Now given the extra 2 inches, and a lowered res I would say its borderline. I think it would warrant searching for a display in a store to test it out on to make sure you're ok with it. I would imagine you;d have slightly visible block pixels. If you can live with that go for it, but check it out first.

    All of this is in theory, good luck.

    EDIT: oh and in regard to the other question directly above. A 30 inch isn't too big at all. At first it seems overwhelming, but you quickly grow used to looking at 2 web pages on each side of the screen. I love having reddit or youtube open while typing a paper; both completely full and visible.

    As far as gaming, I love it, but your eyes will be scanning sections of the screen rapidly. Again you get used to it, but you will certainly need to take that into account.
  18. So I've been thinking about buying a 32" 1080p HDTV and using it primarily as a computer monitor. My thoughts on this are that it will be too large to use as a desk monitor, but I want to keep it ideally 8-10 feet away from my desk. Is a 32" display going to be too small for this purpose?
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