Heatsink bolts grinded motherboard – should I be worried?

Hi, I feel like a real idiot. I was installing a Hyper 212 Plus heatsink and when I was tightening the bolts on the backplate in the rear, they must have turned the bolts in front on the motherboard and it looks as though they scratched or grinded the motherboard where they sit. Although I’m not sure if they just scratched the polymer coating.

However, it booted up with no errors and it’s been running all day with no problems. I even played some graphics intensive games for 60 minutes at near max settings with no problems or errors and the CPU temps are okay (28C at idle and 41C after 60 minutes of gaming at max setting). The voltages also seem to be running within normal parameters.

I can’t detect any problems so far but my questions is … should I still be worried? Is there anything I should worry about in the future?

I’m kind of mad at myself for ruining a brand new mobo.

Thank you.

HAF 922
Sabertooth X58
i7 950
Seagate Barracuda XT
LFS 750W
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  1. You don't really want to do it, but what's done is done. It's working.

    The only thing I'd really worry about is if you had cracked the board or if you didn't tighten the 212 down enough. You'll be just fine.
  2. Thanks Ubercake, I got out the penlight and checked for cracks. Thankfully none, and the board didn’t warp so I guess I will just live with it.
  3. They wouldn't run traces in that area so your ok.
  4. Thanks GeekApproved, that’s what I was worried about too. I took a look with a penlight and didn’t see any traces running around there. I think I just scratched the surface of the polymer coating – thankfully it’s a nice deep coating.

    I guess Asus thinks about noobs when it makes these boards. (-:
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