Another i7 950 overheating thread

Sorry for the post,

I have searched this topic and read a bunch of things, and I'm not really sure what to do.

Just built a new gaming rig.

P6x58d-e, 470gtx, i7 950. ambient 70F

Everything fine, no performance issues, but Real Temp and HW Monitor have my CPU core temp idling at 57-63C and 90-100C load..... My CPU temp is 48 at idle and 84 at load

no overclocking, just stock cooling. So naturally, I thought it was my heat sink seat. I have re-seated twice with no change. Then I checked my CPU VCORE - and it is at .94 usually with a max of 1.26. The Stock TIM looks fine as well. The CPU fan is at 1900-2300 RPM.

I've read posts that it may be my bios, but I don't know how to update my bios and I've heard that an inexperienced CPU guy (like myself) could do some damage messing around in BIOS.

At this point, I'm going to buy an aftermarket cooler tomorrow and try that out. But I think it might be something else as a stock cooler shouldn't result in THAT high of temps. So I'm not sure how much that will change the temps - even a decrease in 10C isn't going to solve this.

Anyone have any other suggestions that I might be overlooking? Just frustrating...

Also any suggestions on a cooler to buy? Have a CM 690 II Advanced Case.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hello.

    I was reading your problem after i was seeking the same salution for myself.
    same board same cpu, same temp's and same headache.

    I managed to update the Bios as a file from Asus site and using its saftware (include with board) update the board firmware.

    still, not much improvment, 48 on idle and 72 in load (board is outside the case) on occt saftware.

    does anyone know how to make this thing get cold and work properly?...

    we will be happy for some help here.


    Nativ IL
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