Hardware Failure: Diagnostic Help Request


I have a homebuilt tower (a few years old) that will no longer post. I am using a x48 dfi lanparty.

Here are the motherboard diagnostic codes, listed approximately 3/4 of the way down the page.


I am able to get to a point where the computer SHOULD post (code FF) if I try turning it on and off a few times. However, there is no output onto the monitor. At this point all signs point to the problem being the gfx card, but I tried it in my friends machine and it posted on his just fine.

I doubt it is the PSU as it is a pcpowerandcooling quad750 and I have unplugged other non-essentials in the computer. The only things connected to my motherboard (other than the power) is one stick of ram and an 8800gtx.

I find it prudent to point out that rather than the usual (back when my computer was working efficiently) zooming through from the first code to FF, it takes approximately 20 seconds to get through all of the codes from C1 to 7F. The board will not arrive at FF unless I press the f1 key. I do not know what this is indicative of, but I figured it must mean something and thought that posting this information on forums would be more helpful than simply referencing the link posted above....

I have tried resetting the CMOS (to no avail) and even just replaced the battery today, still no display on the screen.

If there is any point at which the code hangs and does not continue (approx half the time or so) it is error code 26.

The listed fixes to error code 26 are a replaced graphics card (which doesn't make any sense because it posted in my friends computer) or resetting the CMOS (which I already did). Again, sometimes it hangs at 26 and other times it arrives at 7F. I do not know what else to do.

I have had this board for a few years and so perhaps the mobo finally died but I figured I would at least consult the knowledge of the some forums before I decide whether or not to order a new one or (if not) try yet another graphics card or power supply?

As a side note, the few days before it finally failed to post, I was running some games and my display driver kept crashing, as if the card was overheating (it was not) and my display drivers WERE UP TO DATE. I know this sounds contradictory, but my graphics card had a sickly sweet smell coming from it the next few days (as if it burnt out) yet as I said...it posted just fine in my friend's linux box....
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  1. Have you tested the ram? Any spares, maybe from your friends machine?
  2. It's unlikely, but possible that the PCI slot itself and/or the mobo is bad.

    Is there any chance you can borrow a graphics card and a compatible processor and see if someone else's gear POSTs?
  3. The RAM is a set of two and I have tried both DIMMS. I might be able to find another card to try but what are the odds the processor is bad if its still getting to the last code but nothing is appearing on the screen?
  4. Bump?
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