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I have an old dell optiplex gx520 and im looking to get it a graphics card, but it does not have a pci-e slot so i was just going to upgrade the motherboard. Im not sure what kind size motherboard to get. I would like to keep it in the same case though.
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  1. first check what is your current case supports then check the motherboard model
    (ATX-EATX-...etc) for me i think the older boards will fit in any case though
  2. I think it might b a btx as i just found it on a website.
    Whats the difference between atx and btx
  3. You do not need a pci-e slot for a graphics card. There are a number of pci based low profile cards available. They are not strong, perhaps as much as a 9500GT.
    But your psu is not strong enough to power a stronger graphics card anyway.

    BTX was supposed to be a more efficient form factor, but it never caught on. You will be hard pressed to find one new today.

    Your PC is near obsolete today, I would not invest much into it.
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