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Card Reader for New Desk

Just purchased a new desk, and it came with a 4-port USB hub that fits recessed with the desk right next to where I have the monitor. I doubt I'll use it too much, but I got to thinking that it would be nice if I could swap out the USB hub for a card reader so my wife could plug her SD card in there. Access would be easier there, since the tower is under the desk at the far corner, a bit out of the way. Does anyone know of something that might fit the bill, even if I have to do some slight modifications? The slot is there for the USB ports, but also there is an opening for cables, so the most room I have for something would be 1&1/4" x 2". Any suggestions out there???
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  1. Found this Kingston Media Reader Card reader ( external ) - Hi-Speed USB, and it comes with a 3' extension cable, so you can leave it attached to the computer with the reader on the desk for your wife. Reasonably priced, too.
  2. Thanks for the response, treefrog07. I was looking at a Kingston reader last night (might have been this one), but it is too big for what I am wanting to do. I think I'll have to go with a USB SD reader, one of the tiny ones, and see about modding the desk... ugh... another project...
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    You're welcome.
    OK, I admit I'm having trouble visualizing the desk and openings you already have. Could you leave the hub and connect the reader to it, when your wife wants to use it?

    The Kingston's 3-foot USB cable adds some flexibility. You could run the cable from the computer through the hole in the desk, and either leave the reader connected on top of the desk or disconnect the reader when not in use and leave the cable in the hole.
  4. I'll post a picture in just a little bit.
  5. Ended up having to move the PC in to the cubby that it was designed for after we moved the desk, so there's no need for this, since the SD card reader in the tower is now closer than the ports built in to the desk. Thanks for your help, anyway.
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