X2 5000+ 2.6ghz 68C hot temp?

Just wondering if I'm frying my cpu or not?

It idles at about 40C, but gets to about 60C when gaming, maxed at 68C.

I'm going to give it further dusting, since that seems to be lowering the temps significantly lol.. old comp.

I also tried to get some info from hp, but they beat around the bush even tho I flat out asked the guy my question 3 times.
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  1. HP and OEMs in general have n00bs @ the help desk who know very little sometimes.

    You're not frying your CPU, but it is definitely getting quite hot. Do clean out the case/fans, and if possible, unmount the cooler, remove old thermal paste from cooler & CPU, and add a bit of new paste to the CPU and remount the cooler as well. Make sure all the fans are working.
  2. Sry bout that its a 89 watt.
  3. Thanks a lot for the help! Thats exactly what I was looking for.

    I have a new question though. When running comp today idle on core#0 was running at 35-40C while core#1 was only running at a mere 15-20C? Sign of cpu failure? Or faulty driver/OS?

    I thought that win 7 was supposed to utilize multiple cores better?

    Maybe I should just reformat and get a clean start?
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