How to access an old IDE HDD?

I'm buying a new computer after my 6-7 year old one died. The new motherboard it's going to have will have SATA only obviously since IDE is old. I don't want the IDE HDD for anything else other than to grab the videos and pictures that are on it.

What's the best way to go about accessing my old IDE HDD with my new computer to grab my old files off of it?
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  1. Probably the cheapest method would be to find an IDE external enclosure.
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    This works really great and you can use it for SATA, IDE 3.5" or 2.5". Comes in handy.
  3. That last Bytecc adapter looks interesting, but note that apparently it has a problem where it is possible to insert the molex power connector in backwards, which will smoke your drive.
  4. So, I can just plop my old ide hdd on my desk, plug it into the adapter, plug the adapter into my computer and I can access my old files like I would if I were just using some flash drive or other removable storage device?
  5. Pretty much, yeah, that would be the long and short of it.
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  7. Don't forget you will need a supply with a molex connector to power the drive while it is plopped on your desk. It *should* take some serious dedication to screwing it up to put a molex connector in wrong.
  8. It has a molex power supply in the kit. Yeah, don't put it in the wrong way. But it's very obvious how it goes. You don't need anything else...
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