Lagging even when typing with i7 Core! Help!

I dont know why my laptop lags so badly! Currenly i just restarted my comp and opened a couple of IE pages and am on MSN but just typing into this box, my laptop lags! it's crazy! i just purchased this laptop 5months ago...

Specs & Info:
Dell Studio 1558
Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU M 620 @ 2.67GHz
64-bit OS
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 1GB

Everything was installed when i got my laptop but it only had 1 Hard Drive (C:). My friend advice for me to split that into 2 drives 1 month ago, so i did that. could that have been the cause of everything running so slowly now?

I'm no good with tech stuff so do help! i run a lot of 3D programs such as archiCAD, autoCAD and photoshop, so i really need it to be running smoothly!

Hope someone out there can help! Thanks :)

btw, my CPU usage ranges from 20% - 100%, most of d time being at 70% - 100%.

do help!
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  1. What are your current partitions?

    When did this start to happen?

    Try restarting it again?

    Check what is happening in task manager - see if there are any dodgy programs.
  2. i tried restarting, scanning my comp for virus and malware, defraged, cleaned my registry, deleted unimportant processes and start ups, but it all didn't work at all! one thing my friend said might be a problem is because i didn't update my antivirus software, hence, the virus got in and stayed in. somehow undetectable? :S

    and no, it didn't start happening when i partitioned the drive. but the thing is, i've only had my comp for 4mths, so wtr it's d partitioning that caused it or not, i have no idea. it only started lagging a few weeks after partitioning, not immediately after.. :(
  3. What process is using all the CPU?

    What AV did you scan with? I would suggest scanning with Malwarebytes in safe mode, that should find anything being naughty.
  4. i now have IE and task manager opened and apparently iexplorer and taskmngr is using 100% of the CPU..

    i scanned with Avast! and Malwarebytes, nothing was found :S
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