First build problem/ Total noob.

I finally got all my parts for my first build today! Woohoo! I put everything together and I got not bios reading from my tv/monitor. Everything is running good I am just not seeing any screen pop up on my monitor. My specs are below any help would be gladly appreciated.

Amd 1090t
MSI NF980-G65
Corsair 1600 4gb
OCZ 850w 80 plus certified
WD 500 gb 7200rm 32mb cache
Storm Sniper case
Windows 7

Tv/Monitor is an Emerson 19 inch

If you need any more specs from my comp let me know and let me know if im doing someting wrong
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  1. ok got the monitor to work! now When it boots up it shows the msi homescreen and when it is supposed to go to the bios it reads "Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or insert boot media...." Any suggestions?
  2. Epic; perhaps you need to go into the BIOS and select your boot device; if you have yet to install Windows 7; then you need to select your CD Drive or DVD Drive as the primary boot; and your hard drive as the second. You can disable the CD Drive boot later on..but in the interim it won't matter.
  3. Thanks for the rep! But I can't even get into BIOS. Every time I restart my comp it loads to the msi Homepage then immediately reads Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key. Everytime I press a key it repeats the message
  4. During the MSI splash page, it should show something like "hit F4 to enter System Setup" or something similar. Do that, and you'll be in the BIOS and you can select an appropriate boot device, presumably your CD/DVD drive with an OS disc in it.
  5. ok i did that and now i get some error message like stop: 0z000000A5 ..... This is after it shows windows is loading files status bar
  6. This is frustrating! i've been researching around and figured out that i need to flash the bios to the new update that supports 6 cores. I downloaded the file to the usb and tried uploading the flash but it hasn't worked yet. any help would be much appreciated!!
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