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To begin, I have 2 sata hdds (1 tera and 1 750gb) and 1 sata optical drive. The 750 is my main. Lately though, I had my case replaced so everything had to be dismantled. It's a gigabyte mobo and there are 6 sata ports with 0 and 1 being the bottom 2. Anyway, the tech reassembled it and I picked it up at the shop on my way home from work. When I got home, I noticed that he plugged my primary into port 1 and my slave into port 0. In the bios and post, it reads that 750 is slave and 1tb is primary. I configured the booting order by making the 750gb priority and everything boots up ok. Slave optical is at port 5 btw.

Now my question is... do I need to open up the case and replug everything to it's previous order (with the primary being on port 0)? Or is this ok? I'm just afraid that this might give me a problem in the future and/or that it might be a performance dip.

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  1. the only time you might run into a problem if the BIOS would be rest. It then will try to boot of the drive connected to SATA port 0
  2. Computer will boot the HD in port0 that is defult. If you already set the primary boot in the BIOS, it works fine and you don't need do something.

    If you like you can change the 750gb to the port0, in case later when you have some problem need reset the COMS. In that case if you forget reset the boot order in the BIOS, computer will not boot into the 750gb instead boot into the 1TB.

    So it is up to you.
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