Hypertransport sync flood error occurred, anyone has seen this?

Hi all,

I Bought a MSI 870-G45 with AMD Phenom II X4 810 OEM combo a week ago. my memory module is Mushkin Enhanced Silverline Stiletto 8GB 2X4GB PC3-10666 DDR3-1333 9-9-9-24 Dual channel. I am building my gaming rig, put everything together and installed windows 7. it constantly freeze after ~10 min use. when it restarted, I see "hyper transport sync flood error occurred" message. I left everything to auto in BIOS, all I did was install MSI live update and updated BIOS to latest version. I've ran memtest86 on this machine and everything passed. looks like a mobo issue. tried to google this and found many ppl suggested to raise memory voltage or even NB voltage in BIOS. do all mobos behave the same way? its just a defective mobo that needs to RMA?

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  1. It could be the board, but some memory just requires more power. You should not have to raise outside the safe specifications for the chipset, though. What is the voltage requirement of the memory? Did you try raising the voltage for the memory?

    Did you raise the clock and adjust the latencies in your BIOS? Did they default to 1333 with the latencies you listed or something slower?
  2. I looked up that memory on newegg. They didn't have your exact kit, though it looks like this memory requires anywhere from 1.5-1.6V.
  3. Thx for the reply. I bought the kit from NCIX, it requires 1.5v ( printed on the memory module), I've tried to raise ram voltage to 1.64v still got the error. Now I raised the cpu nb voltage to 1.4x, lowered HT multiplier to x9 ( 1800MHz now ) and let it run memtest before I left home. don't know the result yet. next thing I could do is to raise cpu voltage, currently cpu voltage is set to auto which is 1.36v, i'll try to raise it to 1.4v. I didn't change any settings about memory, only thing I did was upping the voltage and yes it defaults to 1333 with latencies listed in my first post.
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