First time builder help

Mobo : MB MSI| 890GXM-G65 RT

it is a ocz platiunum 4GB 2X2 240 pin dd3 1333mz

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 black edition 3.2 GHZ

PSU: Corsair 550w

Ok this is my main system. The GPU does not matter. My problem is that it will not start up or if it does it lasts for 5 seconds that kicks off. However, one time only once did it get to bios. When it did the system beeped and it was good to go.
What do you believe the problem is?
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  1. Did you set the timings and voltage of the memory manually? If not, try only using 1 stick and go in and set the timings and voltages to 7-7-7-20 and 1.65V.
  2. I cannot do anything. It will not even start up :(. More information i just made this build. How would i do that manually?
    Just go through all the steps in that troubleshooting check list, it should help you find your issue. Actually perform each step in the list.
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