W7 won't boot from new HD after sys image recovery

I made an image of the 76Gb partition that my os is in using the built in program in win 7. Tried recovering that image to a raid 0 array of x2 drives. Tried this a few times and it either tells me that there is no drive to recover to and stops there, or it recovers to "somewhere" and then won't boot afterwards.

Any ideas ?
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  1. Hi Ben,

    Windows 7 Image BackUp and Restore does not work with RAID configurations. You could try to restore the image to a Static (Basic) drive and it should work fine. That would tell you the problem is not with the Image, but with the RAID drivers.

    Here is the scoop from the Acronic True Image 2013 user manual.

    " Does True Image 2013 support RAID? - True Image 2013 supports hardware RAID arrays of all popular types. Support of software RAID configurations on dynamic disks is provided only with True Image 2013 Plus Pack. Even with the Plus Pack, the program does not support software RAID 1 (mirrored) and RAID 5. Acronis Bootable Rescue Media supports most of the popular hardware RAID controllers. If the standard Acronis rescue media does not "see" the RAID as a single volume, the media does not have the appropriate drivers. Owners of the True Image 2013 Plus Pack can try to create WinPE-based rescue media. This media may provide the necessary drivers.

    Can I use True Image 2013 to migrate from a single disk to RAID? This is possible in many cases. However, it is better to use the backup and recovery method rather than cloning. If you recover a backup of a single disk to RAID, you will usually need to use the Universal Restore
    feature provided by Plus Pack to add the RAID drivers during recovery. The drivers must have the .inf filename extension."

    So I think it's a problem for even the high end retail products.
  2. Hi John, thanks for the reply. I actually got it to install to the array this time, however it just restarts every time it gets to the point where it wants to load up the desk top. maybe I should just use them as seperate drives. Pity, I was curious as to how much faster raid 0 was....
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