I cannot access the data on my hard disk

my laptop hard disk failed to boot. I then removed it and slave it to another sata hard disk and it is not visible on "my computer" though it is detected on the device manager. How do i recover m document on te failed drive
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  1. Hello, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Did you connect the laptop SATA HDD to a port on a separate Desktop computer? If so,

    Look in the Device Manager, and if detected there, double click on it to see if it says it is working properly.

    The back on the desktop, right click on My Computer, Manage, and click on Disk Management in the lower left area.

    In the lower graphical area the Drive should be listed as Drive1, or Drive 2
    If possible take a screenshot of Disk Management and post it so we can see exactly what it's reporting about this drive

    If not, below the Drive Info column, report exactly what it says: like Disk 2, Basic, size, Status.
    Below the Volume Info colume report the color of the band, and what it says: like DriveLetter, Label, NTFS, size, Status

    Then someone will be able to sort out what the problem is.
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