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Hi my computer currently has a ati radeon hd 4650 and im looking to upgrade it to something better. I play games like AioN and i run it fine but when massive pvp happens it can't really handle it. I have about a 300-400$ budget and was wondering if anyone can recommend me a good graphics card that can handle this kind of massive pvp. My computer is also a quad core with 8gb of ram.
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  1. With out knowing the size of your PSU it is hard to recommend but you might want to look into HD5670, HD5750 or HD5770 (good to best), all a massive upgrade from your HD4650, based on PSU size.
  2. ^^ +1
  3. Yup, we need more info here, what is your PSU? brand? model?
    Monitor? resolution?
  4. ummm the psu i have is a liteon PS-6301-08A

    here are my computer specs..

    pls help me find a new graphics card that will work and let me play Aion online without trouble plz....let me know if you need any more information im kind of a newbie at this stuff :(...
  5. The HD5670 is the best card that would run on a 300watt PSU
  6. do you think that card is really good to run aion with its massive pvp...?
  7. can you recommend me a better power supply that will fit in my tower and gfx card?
  8. If it is a std minitower then a normal ATX PSU would fit. Here is a good deal on a quality PSU
    Maybe one of these HD5770 to go with it
  9. thank you rolli i really appreciate the help :)
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