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Hey guys, so I've had a problem with my pc for about... maybe a year now? The problem is that whenever I try to play a game, my pc randomly restarts while its running. It's happened with Steam games like counter strike, team fortress 2, etc , and other games like resident evil 5 and bioshock 2. At first I thought it was a gpu issue (at the time I had 2 radeon cards crossfired) so I bought a new gpu...it still crashed. So then I tried the ram, I ran memtest and everything checked out. I then looked at the cpu, which I ran prime95 and everything checked out. The temps on everything seemed to be fine, except that i noticed that my gpu fan wasn't speeding up when it was needed, so I use RevoTuner to manually alter the fan speeds of my gpu. From this happening, I thought that since the motherboard wasn't signaling the gpu to accelerate the fan, maybe its the motherboard, so I tried flashing the bios to the newest version... and it still crashes during games. i also tried to swap out power supplies and the other one didn't make a difference....

OS: Windows 7 - 64 bit
MOBO: ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe Wifi-Ap
RAM: 4gb
CPU: AMD Phenom 9500 2.21Ghz
HD: 400gb Seagate
PS: X3 800W ATX

Any ideas guys? I just finished updating the bios and I have no idea what to do to even attempt to fix it...
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  1. Can you post the specs on your PSU? X3 800W tells me absolutely nothing about the PSU itself. Post the make and model if you can, if you dont know that, take a look at the sticker and let us know what the current ratings on the 12V rails are. The GTX 275 is a pretty power hungry card so you might be hitting the limit of the PSU if it is a poor quality unit.
  2. seems like we have the same problem. mine just turns to black and all i can do is to press restart button on the cpu.

    tested everything except for the processor and motherboard. we're suspecting it's the motherboard and currently looking for a socket 775 to test it on my system before buying a new one.
  3. Same crap here, restarts or hard lock ups while gaming or doing nothing. Changed CPU, PSU, RAM, updated bios, ran stress tests and left the PC in the shop for months without hardware errors found by the technicians.

    It's been a year and a month since the problems began and it happens once or twice a day with spaces of apparent cure that last two weeks without freezing.

    My only suspects left now are the first stick of RAM I bought and the motherboard, but after reading nearly a hundred of similar cases without solution around in Google I'm beginning to think that the issue has no workaround or is directly tied to Windows 7 and Vista 64 bit, and it haunts some computers that have the disgrace of meeting a certain mysterious requirement to become unstable crap.

    I know it sounds bat-crap crazy, but after a year of looking for a cure to my system I think I've gone a bit insane out of frustration.

    Anyway, hope that anyone finds a solution to this.

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