Pls help... AMD CnQ not working???

Hey guys....
Pls help me......
I think my Cool n Quiet is mal functioning or something like that...........
The problem is:
Only my first core shows speed variations.
That is, earlier, the **** speed used to drop to 804 mhz.
Now, only my first core drops speeds, and that too max upto 1607 mhz.
What's actually happening ?

My system spec:
AMD Phenom II x4 920, 2.8 ghz
Gigabyte MA-785GM-us2h
2 GB DDR2 - 800 mhz ram
Seagate 500 gb HD
Ati radeon hd 4770 gpu
CM hyper tx3 cooler (max temp. reached during gamin is 58)

Pls help guys....
I had overclocked my cpu earlier to 3.5gigs and was stable...
later, i found no performance differences and reverted all my settings.
after that, the problems started.....
Was it the result of the overclocking???
Will updating my BIOS fix the problem?

Pls help guys.
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  1. I've had this issue before. You may have to choose overclocking or cool and quiet. You can't use both on some boards.
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