SSD storage not accounted for....?

Recently upgraded some parts and got a SSD for OS and applications. I picked up a 120GB since I just planned on installing Windows 7 and a few applications on it. I have HDDs for my files. My problem is it's telling me 100GBs are used when looking at my drives. When I go into the drive (c:) and select all the folders and go to properties it shows 38GBs. Can anyone explain the difference and if I can do anything about the 60GBs that are unaccounted for?

Thanks for the great community, this forum pops up all the time when I'm searching for problems with my computer. I've tried looking for this, but couldn't find anything and not sure what else to search for.
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  1. IDK but I am sure anyone who might know, is going to ask for more information; e.g., hardware, OS, everything.

    Also, this should probably go in the SSD section.
  2. You need do the SSD tweaks / optimization, check the link

    Three are some folds you wouldn't see.
  3. Run this, you will be able to tell where the space is.

    Pagefile/Hibernation file/Restore points most likely.
  4. tomatthe said:
    Pagefile/Hibernation file/Restore points most likely.

    tomatthe, thanks, did a search for Pagefile/Hibernation file/Restore and found a toms hardware article:,2911-4.html

    First turned off the hibernation and gained 22GBs. I'm going to look more into the Pagefile since it says it can lead to more crashes if you use up your ram. I have 32 gigs of ram. I'm going to look into if I can possibly lower the amount for the Pagefile or relocate it to one of the HDDs (maybe a horrible idea, I don't know).

    cin19, also a big thanks, I will go through that tweaks list to get the most out of my SSD (I see the hibernation and Pagefile stuff is in there as well).
  5. With 32gigs of ram you will very very rarely if ever use the page file. I would move it to another drive as you mentioned which will free the space on the ssd, and you won't notice any speed difference since you've got so much ram.
  6. with 32 GB of RAM, set the page file initial size to the minimum allowed setting.
  7. You don't need to use a page file if your PC has 32GB of RAM. My PC has 8GB of RAM and works fine without a page file.
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