AMD athlon ll 445 X3 vs Phenom II X3 740 BE

Well im trying to decide which cpu which be the best choice but i could use some help.
I plan on gaming eventually
The Athlon ll 445 has a clock speed of 3.1 and the Phenom is 3.0 but is oem and more expensive. I already have a heatsink fan

Phenom ll x3 is $88 just the oem cpu but has l3 cache 30 day warranty
Athlon ll x3 is $77 full retail box with warranty
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  1. The 740BE has an unlocked multiplier as well so very easy to overclock (raise multiplier). Since you already have a heat sink and fan you will get more performance (overclock and L3 Cache) for $11 more.
  2. Well i also could get a quad for just a little more than the phenom
  3. If you are planning on gaming CPU speed is good. If you are planning on multitasking or rendering more cores is good.
  4. What is your main use? Like rolli said, if you can take advantage of the L3, then the 740BE takes the win.
  5. This is my first build i like to run a couple programs and multiple webpages at once nothing to serious. I will eventually start gaming soon once i get a decent video card. I have never overclocked
  6. Sounds like your primary use is going to be multitasking. Then a Athlon II X4 would be my first choice. For gaming 740BE would be my first choice.
  7. I vote for the Phenom II BE. with a simple bump in the multiplier you could be running at 3.2 Ghz, probably even 3.4Ghz without any extra voltage or tweaking.
    More cache, higher clock speed.

    A quad core would be nice for multitasking on the other hand.
  8. I ended up getting a Athlon ll 640 3.0ghz x4 and called it a day
    Quad for only $100 i love AMD

    Thanks for all the help
  9. Enjoy!
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