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Ok so I'll briefly introduce myself, first thread, long time lurker, and an Aussie (hence part value will differ for some)

So I'm building a PC for a mate, he's cost conscious but still splurging on pieces I suggest. He's got a 2-3yr old custom PC, he wants to upgrade, so we're keeping all the components that aren't gonna help with performance (psu, case, dvd burner etc)

I've come across the following pieces, just would like to get a community opinion if that's ok with you guys :)

CPU - AMD Phenom II X6 1090T - $353

Reason: Picked a 6 core CPU with high clock speed with the hope that future applications will take advantage of multiple cores (mainly games). Of course I've read the Turbo Core speeds up 3 cores up by 500mhz and slows the other 3 down to 800mhz (or visa versa). This will take advantage of single core applications? I've read PC mags about it, but this is my first time implementing new tech.

Mobo - Gigabyte M4A89TD-PRO-USB3 - $210

Reason: Future proofing, USB3, SATA 6gbs, room for another Gcard if need be. Cheaper than other models that have less.

RAM - G Skill 4G(2x2G) DDR3 1600Mhz PC12800 9-9-9-24 - $136.00

Reason: 1600mhz is the speed the Mobo can take, don't know a thing about OCing memory so staying away ha ha. (If it was my own system I'd give it a shot)


Primary - Scored a 128gb SSD off ebay for $250 AU which is a deadbeat bargin.

Secondary - Samsung 1.5TB - $111 - best price per gigabyte atm

G.Card - XFX 5870 1GB - $520

Australian PC magazine reviewed this (but the 2GB version >:| ) and was their top choice, i enjoy ATI's products and this is good value for money before investing half the budget in a G.Card (5970 etc).

All prices are from a aussie pc store (

I'm doubting the 6 core against something like a i5 that has the same price. This is what I need advice for.

NOTE: No over clocking for this system, just going to be standard and for a gaming rig.

Cheers in advance guys.
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  1. Bah parts are ordered and building this tomorrow night.
  2. Hmm if i were going for a Thuban gaming build i would go way differently. Depending on where u at i find the Asus 800 series generally overpriced and i would go Gigabyte, MSI or if USB 3.0 isn't a deal breaker Biostar! Our very own forums did a Roll Royce 890FX stand off recently here:,2640-14.html
    Note: went with 1055T + after market cooling with intention of OC a.s.a.p and HARD :p

    This off Egg USA
  3. The 1.5TB Samsung HDD we've ordered is the cheapest $/gig in Australia atm.

    you have selected 1333mhz ram? I think the 1600mhz ram selected is as cheap as a 1333mhz version so we're getting a good deal on that.

    Ummm CPU cooler, I was planning on using the stock, if i'm not overclocking would it be wise to get one?

    you have listed 64gb SSD for 145, we got 128gb for $250 from ebay, gives him more room to load games, as vista will use up 1/3 of that 64gb eaaasssyyy.

    The Asus Motherboard was the best value at the store, there were cheaper and more expensive brands without USB3 and SATA3, and turbo core and all that jazz. So i would've thought from this dealer it was a good buy. It's future proofing as well, USB3 will be a big deal perhaps in a year or 2 and this pc will still be as competitive, so a few extra bucks for these extras while cutting back on other things we won't use (e.g 3 Graphics card slots hah).

    So all this was off newegg?? Hrmm I usually go thru Umart (Aussie) since if I have any problems with hardware I can usually swap it on the spot within the fortnight. Just skeptical on shipping stuff back if it's faulty >.< it seems so much more cheaper from there and i will probably be buying my next computers components from there one by one haha

    newegg don't ship to australia
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