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Bought this case about 3 years ago and have been slowly changing some aspects of it (I don't know what I was thinking in buying this case). Got rid of the blue LED's which were way too bright and installed some dark red ones instead.

My question is that I want to do something with the front panel....I really don't find the silver attractive at all and the blue led power switch burnt out so I don't have to worry about that.

The problem is that the front has little tiny holes in it, almost like a speaker grate and if I spray paint it or paint it, those holes would be closed and that would look terrible. Any suggestions or any other mods I can do on it?
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  1. You could fill the holes with plastic filler from a model/hobby shop, then sand the door and the lower front cover with 200/400/600 grit paper. Then use your favorite color spray paint, and finish with a light coat or two of clear coat.

    If you decide you need larger holes for case ventilation later, you could always dremel them into the lower case cover, and the lower part of the case door - assuming you'd insert a 120mm fan in the space for the 3 lower 5.25' bays.
  2. Yes Tree is correct get come plastic filler an sand paper.
  3. I sanded the shiny part of the top and bottom and painted it flat black, looks nice. Still unsure what to do with the main part with the holes. I would cover the entire door with filler? And then paint it...was thinking of something more flashy.
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