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Hello everyone, put together my first build and can't get it to POST. When I turn it on all the fans start, I can hear the HD spin up, and even the GPU fan starts. However, I get nothing. there is a short, single beep immediately upon powering on. Here are my specs:

CPU AMD ATH II X3 440 3.0G

I have tried the monitor on another computer and it works, so I have ruled out the new monitor as the problem. I have also removed the memory and installed a single 2g Samsung with no change noted.

Any advice?

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  1. Short single beep? That would be indicative of a successful POST, can you check your video card in another system or try another card in your system?
  2. That was first thought, but my other video card is an AGP, and this mobo doesn't have an AGP. Will that video card work in a regular PCI slot? I will give it a try and get back to ya.

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    Nope, PCI and PCI-E are very different. Got any friends with a card you could borrow or who would test your card in their system?
  4. No friends that could help out unfortunately. May have to go to Staples or something to get a video card to test, unless you have any other advice. It is midnight here, so nothing will be open till tomorrow anyway.
  5. O.K., I found this solution on another forum and believe it or not, it works! I have an HDMI cable, I get no display. I have a DVI cable, get no display. I use the DVI to VGA connector and I get display...

    Here is what the other guy posted:


    It seems that i am writing a similar solution that worked for me. I had the same problem as you did but on three cards. they will not display anything even a post screen. My monitors would just stay sleep where my card blows air.

    I posted this solution a couple of minutes ago on a couple other threads. I hope this could work for you. What i did was grabbed an old 945 intel Chipset and chucked the card in. there was no Boot and same problem. I then decided to use a DVI to VGA adapater and KABOOM bro.. it finally displayed somthing on screen! i then took the card out and teested them out on my systems on an M4A79T and an M3A79T!! they all functioned perfect and well with display ports and dvi all working as normal on windows 7 and vista using drivers from last month i think.

    I hope this solution can work for you as it did for me. I did almost 6 weeks of trial and error and i am Happy this worked!!!"

    Any suggestions at to where to go from here? I would hate to have this great new monitor and good video card and have to connect it like this.
  6. Try here for reviews at newegg, I saw issues in the just the first few posts.

    Also if the fan on the gpu is running when you fire up, maybe it was a successful post. Could be the cable or monitor?
  7. ahh post lag, must have been typing that while I was answering :P
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