Help knock off $200 of total pice

My friend wants to get a new PC and I told him I would build it for him so it would be cheaper. His limit is $900 and the parts I picked out are just about $1,100. He wants it to be a gaming PC so he can play games like Dragon Age.
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  1. Combos are your best friend in this case, drop $35 by switching to a 955 and comboing with the motherboard

    Drop another $20 by comboing the HDD and PSU

    Case and OS saves another $10

    That knocks of $65 without even needing to change any parts significantly. The monitor is taking up a large chunk of the budget, so it might be good to downgrade that unless he specifically requested that one as it is consuming almost a quarter of the budget and if you can get one thats closer to $180 you will be much closer to the budget.
  2. thanks, i forgot about combos. He kinda wants a good monitor because his current one is crap. But ill see if he wants to for out a little extra.
  3. Just make sure you get the C3 version of the 955BE. If you're only going to use a single 5770 then you don't really need such a beefy PSU. You would really only need a good 450W PSU for this build. This Antec model would be more than enough

    Antec BP550 Plus 550W $59.99

    Be sure to also look through the weekly promotions for more possible savings
  4. ^Note that the Western Digital Caviar Black WD7501AALS 750GB is $59.99 with the promo code and that would save you $25 over the Seagate. Also note the Thermaltake V3 that's 29.99 after promo codes and rebates
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