Bios seems to restart 3 times before loading windows.

Good morning!

I put together a new build (my first) this weekend. Everytime I start the computer up, the computer shows the republic of gamers logo, goes to a ahci mode trying to find a hd and doesn't see anything, screen goes black and the ROG logo appears again(no beeping or posting) and then goes to trying to initalize something from Marvell...which doesn't find any drives. ROG logo appears again and windows loads normally.

This seems really odd to me for it to take 3 times to go straight to windows. All drivers are loaded onto windows using the cd's that were in the box.

Would anyone have any suggestions on what to do to fix this issue? Or is this something I have to deal with everytime I start my computer?

Motherboard- Asus Maximus iv Extreme
Processor- Intel I7-2600k (Sandy Bridge)
Video- GTX 570
Ram- 16gb of ddr3 ram
Power- 850w
Usb Keyboard/Mouse
Monitor-dell st2210b(widescreen)
HDD- Western Digital SATA 1TB drive
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    Two things you do not have AHCI mode on your harddrive but possible some raid mode enabled. The Marwell is a third party SATA6GB controller that apparently is enabled in BIOS (you can disable it if you dont have any drives on it). Those devices are set in BIOS to boot before an IDE drive (your SATA drive runs as IDE if AHCI not enabled) You can change the boot order in BIOS!
  2. Agree with rolli59. Go into BIOS and set your PCH SATA Control Mode to IDE unless you are using a RAID setup.
  3. Thanks for the input. I'll try it out when I get back to the house. Really appreciate the help!
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