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Hard Disk response problem

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September 14, 2012 9:12:13 PM

My Dell Inspiron fallen off the bed when it was switched on. It was working fine after that. Next morning when I started it just did not boot windows. After that I re installed win 7 and it was working fine. Again next day same thing happened. It has got some bad sectors and they got repaired during reinstallation however still I am experiencing slowness at its peak. Hard drive indicator just keeps blinking and nothing happens till the time laptop gets heated enough and shuts itself down. Any idea what might be the problem
Config :
Intel i3 2.4G
Seagate momentus 320GB 5400 RPM

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Best solution

a b G Storage
September 14, 2012 9:25:36 PM

Sounds like that HDD is shot. If still under warranty then send it back to Dell and play dumb (just say it 'stopped working').

If it is not under warranty then it is time for a new HDD or SSD.

I would highly suggest getting an SSD as it will really make your system fly and feel like new, while extending battery life. If you need reliability (your only computer, or a work computer) then stick with Intel, Samsung, or Crucial M4 drives. If reliability is not such a high priority then I would suggest getting an OCZ Agility 3 or 4. Something in the 120-256GB range should be enough for most home users, but if you have a lot of documents then you may want to stick with a larger HDD, or get an external drive to save bulk files (like video, photos and music) to.

If you need a HDD then I would suggest either a WD Blue or Black, or another Seagate (personally I like seagate better, but WD makes perfectly good laptop drives).

With HDDs your throughput is determined by platter density, which (generally) means that the larger the drive, the faster it will perform. So even if you do not need a large 1TB laptop drive, then you may want to get it anyways simply because it will run faster. 7200 vs 5400 rpm has to do with seek time (how fast it can transition between different files), and while the 7200rpm drive is faster, it is typically not so much faster that it justifies how quickly it will drain your battery.
September 14, 2012 10:09:28 PM

Agree Sir, HDD is a gone case now because bad sectors are already detected. Only thing that surprises me is.... right now its working fine. No slowness and no lag nothing. But as soon as I will switch it off for 4-5 hours it will go back to slowness state and again I will have to re install windows.
I am worried if something else might have damaged, due to which all this problem might have happened.
This one is now out of warranty and I will get a segate soon, preferabely 1TB, as recommended by you too.
a b G Storage
September 15, 2012 11:43:24 AM

there is always a possibility that something else is broken as well, but the HDD is the obvious starting point.