690 II basic or advance, or Storm Scout? Which should I buy?

Hi everyone. I've narrowed down the cases I like and would love some input. Dust filters and cable management are key for me. Here are the contenders:

Cooler Master 690 II:
Dust filters everywhere. great cable holes

No side filter. some report case gets a bit hot even with extra fans. No window at all and costs $25 + shipping to get one and you lose 1 possible side fan mount. Lame on both accounts.

Other thoughts:
Most of the extra features that come in the advanced i doubt i'd use. So should i buy the basic version? The biggest difference is that the advanced includes 2 140mm fans and Basic has 2 smaller 120mm fans. Since its about $30 cheaper i could take the front 120 out and put it on top giving it 2 exhaust fans and buy a 140 for the front. I could also buy the side window and be only a little more expensive than the advanced version. Worth it?

Cooler Master Storm Scout:
Looks. HUGE window. Dust filters everywhere and seem thicker than the 690's screen window type filters.

Very few cable holes could get tricky routing things. My dremmel is no more so I can't custom cut. I never need a dremmel so i dont feel like buying another to add features this case should already have.

I like the Scout a little more due to the thick and better dust filters. I like its looks better too especially with the awesome HUGE window. The Scout and 690 II Adv. both have the identical fan setup. BUT I think i will go with the 690 II since the cable hole setup is so much better. If the Scout had better routing, I think it would be a no brainer. I can get the Scout and the Advanced for the same price, $87.

Any input from owners and people who know these models would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. I would go with the scout. You are going to be looking more at the outside of the case and it has the looks you want. I am sure you will solve the cable routing problem one way or the other.
  2. Thanks for the reply. My only other concern with the Scout is that the only opening a the top is 1 fan. No other vents slots. The problem is that my heatsink, Cogage True Spirit (and many others) will mostly block that fan which may cause more heat buildup. Hmmm. The 690 II has an extra vented area at the top, so this wouldn't be a concern and I can add another 140mm fan there too. So i still cant decide damn it!
  3. Dilemmas like this is often best resolved by tossing a coin. Both cases are good.
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