Grunting Computer, Help Me!

I have been having this grunting issue with my computer for quite awhile now. It grunts when I watch Youtube videos, play games, and anything else that involves sound. The most annoying part is that I also get lag with the grunt! The last piece of hardware I installed was the wireless card so I think it might be the culprit. My computer was working great for the longest time but now it just annoys me.

I have tried:

Installing new OS
Trying different drivers for sound and wireless card
Bought a sound card to use instead of onboard

System specs:
CPU: AMD 6000+ 3.0ghz
Ram: Super Talent 2GB DDR2
Power Supply: 650W BFG
Hard Drive: Western Digital 320GB
Wireless Card: Linksys WMP 600N
Case: Ante 900
CD/DVD: Asus Lightscribe
Motherboard: Asus M3A
Video: XFX 4850 1GB
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  1. what os and did you try taking out the wireless card and see if it grunts and what do u mean grunts like it makes noise like animal
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