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I've got a roughly 5yr old HP m7360y running a Corsair 550W psu, 2 GB of Corsair DDR2, XFX GeForce 8600GT, Audigy Soundblaster 4, and a tv tuner card. Roughly two weeks ago I tried to boot the machine to no avail. The case fan, psu fan, and cpu fan turn on full blast, the harddrive spins up, hdd activity light is constantly lit, but no display (sending the monitor to sleep from lack of signal). The lights on the keyboard don't light up, either. I have replaced the CMOS battery, jumpered the CMOS, replaced the hdd (Hitachi to Seagate), taken everything out except motherboard/cpu (not that brave) and put it back in, tried each stick (2) of RAM independently, and had only the video card and RAM installed; all to no avail. Is the motherboard toast? If so, what caused such a sudden and unexpected death? I do live in Hawaii and have no a/c, so I wouldn't be surprised if heat played a part. Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Take a look through the no boot sticky, you've done a bunch of it, but go through everything.

    Do you have a case speaker? Do you get boot codes?

    It's possible you have a dead PSU or a dead Mobo. Check the sticky on how to test PSU.
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