Can i buy a 5870?

hi everyone.recently i went to market and the price range for 5870 was from 390$ for FORCE 3D to 520$ for XFX .i want to know what is goin on in market? is force 3d a bad brand or xfx the best brand? the other thing is that i have heard about problems in ati 5000 series such as gray screen or vertical lines or crashings? with these problems can i buy 5870? thanX
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  1. first of all, list all of your components here...
    CPU? RAM? MOBO? PSU? GPU? Monitor? OS?

    About Force 3D, i never heard that brand before. Can you show us the link?
  2. I haven't heard of them either, so you might be taking a risk, as with the XFX it's probably not a stock solution, it would either have more memory, better cooler or is factory overclocked, just link both of them for us
  3. DFI LP LT X48,intel 9550 quadcore,4gb of ram OCZ 1066,885 WATT GREEN power with 86% efficiency,320 GB HDD MAXTOR,inno 3d 9800gtx+,AOC 20 inch monitor
  4. where are you seeing the prices at
  5. IRAN
  6. you can get HD5870 for 390$ in IRAN?

    Maziar (the Moderator from IRAN) told me that the prices in IRAN are a bit high than the normal prices. So if you can find HD5870 for 390$ and the other (XFX) for 520$. i doubt about this Force 3D brand...
  7. how about sapphire with 420$?
  8. I am surprised that Iran is not blocking these sites....
  9. Sapphire is a good brand...
    I think you will be good with that card.
    But if you can provide us the links for those cards, it would really helpful... :)
    Where do you plan to buy? online? local store?
  10. local store surley
  11. and what about the problems that i wrote?
  12. About "gray screen or vertical lines or crashing", don't worry about that, that's not only happened on HD5xxx series, but the other cards as well. maybe they got a defective card on the first arrived.
    You said you'll buy it from local store, then let them test the card for you... :)
  13. i want to ask another experts all know that an ati 5850 OC is very close to a 5870. i want to know which job is better
    doin some OC on 5850 or buying 5870? if OC is better how should i do it i want the exact guide.i know the there are some programs such as MSI afterburner but dont know how to work.thanx
  14. Actually, i never use MSI Afterburner to OC my card, i just use ATI OverDrive from CCC in the CD which came with the card. And i just OC it a little (HD4850).
    For your 20" monitor, i guess you will not need to OC HD5850... :)

    Anyone else can help us? The owner of HD5850?
  15. ^
    nice info, Timop... :)
  16. a finally last questions...

    for OC must i change the voltage?
    and how much the OC decreases the card life? the card is MSI 5850 twin frozr II
  17. I already said it before, for 20" monitor, you don't need to OC HD5850, it could eat most of games easily...
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