Only 2 sata3 on Asus p8z68

The Asus p8z68 only has 2 SATA3 headers, and I understand you can use some device to run multiple drives through the same header, but does that slow down the throughput?
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  1. You don't run more than one drive on a single SATA connector. One connector, one device.

    BTW, the P8Z68 has 4x SATA2 headers, and 4x SATA3 headers:

    SATA is backwards compatible... you can connect SATA2 and SATA1 devices to SATA3 ports and they will work.
  2. The Z68 chipset has two SATA3 ports (gray) and the Marvell controller has two SATA3 ports (dark blue). The Marvell ports don't perform as well as the Intel ports do.
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