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Antec 1200 vs. Silverstone FT02

I'm planning a build and have everything set except the case - and this is driving me nuts.

Both seem to have good airflow and cooling, although there is no direct comparison between the two I've been able to find.

The 1200 certainly has better exhaust, and is a guarantee for airflow/cooling, while I've read mixed reviews of the FT02/RVO2; on the other hand, the FT02 wins in consideration of dust-protection due to its positive pressure design.

Any thoughts?
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    The FT02 is atleast on par with the 1200 with the older FM181 fans. But if you replace them, or are lucky enough to get the newer stock with them in already, with the AP181 fans you will blow every other case away when it comes to aircooling.

    For a reference I've seen a lot of people tell me that when they upgraded from the HAF 932 to the FT02 their GPU temps went down a lot. Now with the AP181 fans, I've seen people get a 10c drop just switching fans with high overclocked GTX 480s.

    Definitely get the Silverstone, the cooling, styling, quality, cable management, and value of the FT02 is just far superior.
  2. I'd dispute the 1200 having better exhaust when the entire top of the FT02's ATX backplate is an exhaust to naturally rising air.

    The case was good before, the Air Penetrator fans make it even better.
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