Help regarding upgrade to GTX 480!!

cpu: Q9300 3.3ghz
Gpu: Gtx 280 Oced
Mobo: Evga 780i sli
Ram: Kingston 4gigs DDR2 800Mhz
Asetek liquid cooling
HD: 2x500gb western digital 7200rpm
OS: W7
Monitor: Acer P241w 24"
Numerous cooling fans haha

Hi all, had some questions regarding an upgrade to a gtx 480 while running a Q9300 at 3.3ghz.
First, i would like to know if I will have a cpu bottleneck even when oced to 3.3ghz?

I have researched and found that at stalk settings the Q9300 will bottleneck the 480 slightly.
But i would like some input as to what extent the bottleneck would do to performance, and if ocing it slighlty higher may help or just keep it at 3.3ghz and roll with it....

So any suggestion/opinions/recommendations are totally welcome and would be appreciated.. thanks
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  1. Ya it still does exceptionally well for what it is and the new games that are out but I would really like to have direct x11 and better FPS than I currently get.. I do max everysingle game out that I play at 1920x1200 with very playable gameplay.... But Ivanhoe like to step up to more power and all that good stuff!
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