Desktop display no output,

Just installed new power supply and now no output to monitor. help ,thanks
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  1. Did you connect the Power to MOBO and Video card? Some Video cards require Power.

    What are your Specs?
  2. Yes to mother board, no power needed for Video card
  3. Have you tried taking out the video card and put back in? Make sure to disconnect the Power cord.

    What MOBO and Video card are you using?
  4. Yes removed video card and reinstalled, MB is elitegroup L7VMM3,Card is 6300gt
  5. Do you get any BEEP codes
  6. No beeps
  7. if you take the memory out does it beep?
  8. Took out memory and ,no beeps
  9. Usually the memory is tested first and it should have given you an error BEEP.

    Take out everything Video, memory, sound card, etc... Disconnect the drives.

    Just the MOBO and CPU. with the case speaker connected it should beep when you turn it on.
  10. Thanks,will try
  11. get beeps with everthing out
  12. try with memory. you still should get beeps.

    Then insert the video card. you should only get ONE beep.
  13. wow,ok, i got video with 1 stick memory then in installed video card and got video with it so now should i try hard drive
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    Yep one thing at a time. Process of elimination
  15. Ok with hard everything seems to be working, ok im going to stick in the other memory stick then shut down and hook up disk drive
  16. ok the monitor wont work when i put the other mem stick in, and also have a cd drive and a dvd burner the cd drive works when i add power but when i plug the power to dvd drive no monitor, so the one memory and the dvd drive plugged and no monitor ,so what cha think. Oh and many thanks
  17. have you tried one stick of memory (working one) and the DVD?
  18. Yes i have one stick in when i put the other in no monitor and the dvd player does work just think it wasnt plugged in all the way. Right now have one stick memory two hard drives,video card and dvd. I wonder sould i try the good memory in the other slot to see if its the slot or the memory?
  19. First the good memory in the other slot, and then the other stick in the slot you know that works.
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  21. ok now put good in other slot and worked then put other, what i thought was bad in other slot and now its working. I dont know whats going on, all is hooked up but the cd and that just because the connector wire is too short. I just wanted to say "wow",and thank you so much.
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