First Build (i5, GTX 460)

Hello, I'm planning to purchase a new computer soon and have gathered these parts. I'm not a total noob, but I just want to make sure everything is a-okay and if there's anything I can fix.
I tried to keep everything around/under ~1k. Also, I'll mainly be using this computer for Starcraft 2, WoW, and then just school work. I also want it to be i5 powered. If there's anything I can change to make it cheaper, that would be great.

CPU: i5 750

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-P55

RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600

GPU: EVGA Nvidia GTX 460

Power Supply: Corsair 750W


OS: Windows 7 Home Premium


Case: Xclio windtunnel

Approx. Total = $1,100

For the case, I just chose some random good looking case. It's probably overkill, so if there's anything cheaper with good quality, I'm up for it.

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  1. ^ Why do you need a 750W PSU ?? Planning for SLI ?? SLI is not supported by the board you have chosen...
  2. Have you checked for combos???

    Here is a config...
    i5 + Gigabyte P55

    Corsair 4GB + NZXT M59

    Samsung F3 1TB - A very good alternative for the WD Black...

    OCZ 600W + ASUS DVD

    Total - ~$669 Not including the graphics card... IMO get a better card if you will be sticking wiht 1 card...maybe the HD 5850 ??
    Note: With the above build you cannot go Crossfire/ SLI as they either dont support or the 2nd PCIe slot runs crippled @ x4...
  3. Sounds much better gkay, and yeah I have no idea when it comes to today's graphics cards/ what's the best etc. And I don't plan on doing SLI/Crossfire, I just thought those were optional and you don't have to use them. Can you suggest exactly what GPU I should get?
  4. ^ What resolution will you be gaming at ??
  5. I'll most likely be playing on a 22"-24" screen, and sometimes my 32" HDTV.
  6. Thanks. :) Money saved and problem solved.
  7. ^ Good Luck with your build...
  8. You probably don't need an i5 if you're playing Wow and doing schoolwork... an i3 or even an intel quad core would be good enough
  9. ^ Well that is true, but for gaming and general tasks and also if the OP wants to reduce the overall cost, then the Athlon II X3 offers better value IMO...
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