If i symbolic link something to an ssd will it run faster

Hey guys,
I've read up on this and I am fairly sure it is a yes but to put my mind at ease , if I symbolic link something to an SSDwill it run faster? Thanks!
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  1. What are you trying to setup? A symbolic link generally is just a link to another file location. If you explain what you are trying to setup it would be easier to answer your question.
  2. ^5 +1 what tomathe said.

    Please provide a brief explanation of what you want to try.
  3. I think I get what he's asking and it's what I would like to know too.

    With an SSD, the loading times etc for programs and documents are faster however. they have limited space.

    If I were to store, say a game, on my HDD and Symlink it to my SSD would the game still get the speed boost from the SSD?

    I'm thinking not...
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