Weird power supply/mobo problem

Ok I have an hp computer an e9290f to be exact. A while ago a bought a new power supply for it to get more power for an sli set up. I hooked up the power supply with the 24 pin and p4 connector and tried to power it. The computer turned on for about q second and turned itself back off. The fans move for a second and thats about it nothing shows on e screen even when I plug the power into the pcie gpu.

I assumed the power supply was defective and sent it back. Well now I got a new one and i have the exact same problem i hook it up and the fan spins for a second and powers down. I tired the power supply on another computer and it worked fine so my mobo has issues with 3rd party psus or something. I hooked up my pus the computer came with and it pows up fine but it wont power up with my new and better ppu. This makes absolutely no sense to me. How does the mobo know any difference in the psu? Is it possible hp programed the bios only to accept it's power supply? This is extremely frustrating can someone help me

Also this was typed on an ipad so sorry if there are misspells qq
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  1. Check the pin out between the two PSU's (wire color) on the power connectors. It might be different being a HP!
  2. Pins are the same I triple checked but thanks for trying....this makes no sense
  3. Called hp and they said the reason it won't start up is because the motherboard is receiving too much power and is being shut down to prevent damage. Is it possible for the mobo to be getting to much power? I thought the power supply gives only the amount of power the computer needs...I have been trouble shooting for hours and can't find the problem it just refuses to work yet it works on other computers just fine.
  4. Do what rolli59 said - check the pins by color as well as voltages using a voltmeter. If this checks out ok, then check the socket/connector fit-up on the motherboard. This could be a manufacturing tolerances issue.

    You are right about the fact that the motherboard will draw just the power that it needs; not more. Whoever at HP told you that the motherboard is receiving too much power is full of %#@*!
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