Stock i5 760 temp too high?

Just put together a new system last night; it's running an i5 760 CPU, no overclocking, with a stock heatsink and fan. Case is the Cooler Master HAF 922, with the three stock fans...

Everything seems to be working just fine, but I'm a bit concerned about my CPU temps. Real Temp shows idle-basic task (surfing, etc.) temps of high 30s, low 40s; Core Temp shows low 20s to mid-high 30s under similar conditions. I think this is probably acceptable-- I live in Florida and the ambient temp is around 75.

However, I ran Prime95's blend test on a lark and, immediately, the temps jumped up to ~90+. No failures, but I can't imagine that can be good...

Is an aftermarket heatsink/fan in order? Or am I missing something here...?
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  1. mid 30's early 40's is absolutely fine, especially being in florida. hitting 90 (celcious right?) at load does seem a little high. i would deffinately invest in a aftermarket cooler. my i5 760 oc'd to 3.8 hits 65 dergrees celcious after 6 hours of prime95 with an Akasa Venom cpu cooler.
  2. Update: I reseated the heatsink/fan. There must have been poor contact between the components/thermal paste.

    Idle temps remain 30s-40s while load test (Prime95) temps are much improved, low 70s. This is acceptable for stock everything, yes?
  3. Yeah, that isn't too bad, especially for the stock cooler. And you probably won't be running it at Prime95 loads often anyway.
  4. agreed. P95 is 100% on all cores. no game/application does that.
  5. Hey guys,

    I just posted a similar thread here ""

    I was wondering why 70 degrees is considered "fine" when the Tcase temperature is 72.3 Celsius .. am I misinterpreting the Tcase temperature with the heat sink temperature and core temperature ? If so what are the limits I should be looking at ? I plan to OC soon after installing an aftermarket CPU cooler and I can't seem to reconcile all this information together.
  6. I prefer OC temps of 60C or less for a full time OC.
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