Difference between i7 860 and i7 930 in gaming

Hello,i wanna know whats the difference of core i7 860 and core i7 930 in gaming..please
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i'm planning to build a rig and i cant find a good CPU i7 860 or i7 930??
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  1. This is a previous entry as to why what the differences are between the two platforms


    Also anandtech is a great place to compare performance on platforms.

    Some main things though are that the 860s p55 platform is more for mainstream performance goals - 1 gfx card - 2 with lower speed pcie connects
    dual channel memory controler instead of tri channel.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Both CPUs will give you the same performance,like silversurfer mentioned,it comes down to the socket you prefer
    "My recommendations from the initial Lynnfield review still stand, you'll want to opt for Bloomfield processor if you care about:

    1) High-end multi-GPU performance (or other uses of high bandwidth PCIe)
    2) Stock Voltage Overclocking
    3) Future support for 6-core Gulftown CPUs "
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