Hello, new guy and quite a noob, need a few advices.

Hello there,

I'm interested in a new pc but I'd like experienced opinions since I'm not really in the business so things like overclocking and whatever is :o to me :sweat: .

At the moment I have the following pc:

Asus M3N78 Pro
Nvidia 8800GTS 312
AMD Athlon 6000+

I've been having a few issues with this pc, mainly overheating during more modern games (not sure if it's normal but I checked my core temps while playing and the lowest is around 60º while the highest is slightly above 80º). This is causing my pc to randomly shutdown.

Regardless, I'm considering using this pc only for recording and getting a new one. My budget is around 700$-800$ so i'm not really looking for excelent, but something that will last and still be relatively up-to-date for recent and future games. Dont really need anything else besides MB, GC, CPU and PSU.

I've been looking around a few benchmarks and there were 2 items that interested me regarding quality/cost:

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition
Geforce GTX 280

However I have no idea what MB to look for. What do you experienced ones think of this?

I'm sorry for my noobish talk, but this really isn't an area I'm comfortable in, guess it shows my age a bit.

Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards,

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  1. ^ For gaming, I dont think you would need the 6-Core...
    As for the graphics card, the GTX 280 is a previous gen card...you get newer cards both from ATI and Nvidia...

    And what what parts you dont need ??
  2. keyboard, monitor, those things ;)

    Thats just the thing, this is chinese to me so I just went with what had a good score and was relatively cheap, but I have no idea what would be good for me. Thats the kind of help I need:) The "newer" generation cards seemed expensive to me, unless I missed something :S

    I mainly used the pc for work (freehand/corel mostly), internet, gaming, movies and recording (but since I'm getting a new one I'll use the old one for recording). I don't remember the type of ram i have on the old one but I know it's really good, I'll check back once I get home from work.

    Please guide this lost lamb :)
  3. ^ Here is a config...
    X4 955 + XFX HD 5850

    Gigabyte 870A + ADATA 4GB DDR3

    NZXT M59

    OCZ Fatality 550W + Samsung F3 500GB


    Total - ~ $736 | $716 Including rebates...NO OS included though...
    And the above config can play most of the current games @ High-Very High @1080p
  4. Thank you very much for your help:)

    I've been checking the availability of those products here (Portugal) and I'm having trouble finding the MB gigabyte 870a. Any other similar mb I could get instead?

    Thanks again for your time.
  5. Bump! Any advices on another good mb? It's the only item of the list with no availability :(

  6. There is another option: update the BIOS on your board and just hit a new chip + GPU?
    Athlon IIX3 440( ADX440WFK32GI),3.0GHz,512KB,rev.C2,95W,SocketAM3 ALL

    I am suggesting (if no render/encode)

    Rana 440 for chip (supported since BIOS 1301)
    HD 5850 for GPU
    if your current PSU isn't up to scratch a 550-600w 80+ psu?
  7. Humm that might work, however I've never updated a BIOS so I'm kinda lost on that. I'll look around for info on it. Any idea on where one'd find that chip for sale? (preferably an european store ^^)

    Also, is getting another 8800gts and running 2 of them worth it or should I just get the hd5850?

    And yeah, I'll probably need a new PSU :S

    Thank you for your patience and time.
  8. Well your current board has a single PCIex16 slot and if u are on something like a HD 4850/GTS 250 multi GPU sounds like a good idea but with a 320 8800GTS just hit a beefy current card like HD 5850 arguably the best bang for buck Full HD GPU out now today Not familiar with the h/w scene in Portugal but surely there are local h/w forums and you could get more info on where to buy these at best prices from the forum members perhaps?
  9. Thanks for the time mate :)

    I'm probably gonna go choose that option then, already found the CPU and Graphics Card, just need to read on how to update the Bios. (From what I've found until now, I'll need a floppy disk drive, which I don't have :S)

    Kind Regards
  10. Hmm nobody uses floppy drives these days :P You are welcomed ^^
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